Whitchurch hospital meadows

The proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre

There are a number of planning applications regarding the meadows north of Whitchurch Hospital, and are bordered by Forest Farm, and the old and disused railway cutting that runs from Coryton Station up to Asda (behind the Hollybush Estate).

We want to draw your attention to these plans and our concerns.

There are existing permissions to:

  • build housing on the meadows land as part of the redevelopment of the Whitchurch Hospital site. There is a current live application 20/00357/MJR to extend the time constraints which have run out. We have objected to this application. You can read our objection in full here: https://bit.ly/2EAhrF
  • outline planning permission for a new Velindre cancer centre on the meadows.

There are also three new applications related to the cancer centre that are due for consideration by the planning department, and possibly by the Welsh Government as well:

  • Application 20/00357/MJR – this is about the near 20-year old permission to build housing on the meadows. Planning permissions run out if they are not acted on and so this one seeks to “extend the period for the application for approval of reserved matters by a further three years; and extend the period for the commencement of the development by a further five years, or by a further two years from the date of the last of the reserved matters to be approved, whichever is the later.”
  • Application 10/0118MJR – this links to the existing cancer hospital permission, and seeks changes to some of the outline plans where the access road passes through the Asda property and then the ancient woodland (into the meadows), and some of the layout of the roads and Asda parking detail.
  • Application 20/0110/MJR – the substantial thrust of this application is to allow Velindre to use Pendwylallt Road and Park as a route for construction traffic into the meadows, via Whitchurch Hospital, for a period of 4 years.
    The existing outline permission for VCC only allowed 6 months access via this route.

We have objected to all three latest planning applications.

We have also written to the Local Government Minister asking that these decisions be ‘called-in’. This process would allow Ministers to consider the importance of these applications in a national policy context.

We have also written to the Health Minister asking him to commit to a fully independent review of the type of hospital that Velindre plan to build. This is extremely important given that Senior cancer specialists and other health experts, in Velindre and other Health boards in Wales, have raised concerns over the plans.

Details of our representations to the planning authority and Welsh Ministers can be found at the links below. Please note that ward Councillors Linda Morgan, Mike Phillips and Mia Rees are signatories to these responses. Councillor Mike Jones-Pritchard sits on the planning committee, and is therefore not allowed to comment on any planning application.