Tim is a family man with three sons and two grandchildren. He lives in Whitchurch.

He was born in Newport and moved to Abertillery, as a child, before moving to Whitchurch in his teens, attending, what was then, Whitchurch Grammar School and has never moved away, making the area home to his family who attended the local schools.  He has run his own business in the City but is now retired, although he does keep his hand in by helping both sons who now have their own businesses in Cardiff.

Tim has been active in the local community for many years and is honoured to have serve as a Councillor for the Whitchurch and Tongwynlais ward a number of times, including in 1995 the honour of being Lord Mayor.

As a Councillor, he has been a Conservative spokesman on Finance and has strenuously opposed rises in Council Tax.  Tim believes that savings can be made to administration costs and services can be maintained or improved.

He has been a representative on the Police Authority and fully supports our local police officers and PCSO’s in the community and is a supporter of  PACT meetings.  He believes they are crucial to bring people together to improve safety and help solve issues of concern to residents of Whitchurch & Tongwynlais. In 2016 Tim stood as the conservative candidate in the PCC election.