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Four years of construction traffic? 20/0110/MJR

The original outline planning permission for the Velindre Cancer Centre allowed for construction traffic to enter the site vie Whitchurch Hospital for a period of 6 months. This would allow for the main access bridge through Asda at Coryton to be constructed, through which all subsequent construction traffic would then progress.

Velindre has not agreed on this volume of construction traffic with Asda, and instead are now seeking to send around 200 construction lorry journeys, every day,  along Pendwyallt Road and Park Road for around 4 years – the full duration of the building programme.

These roads are already extremely busy. We do not understand why Velindre would seek to blight residents’ lives further, increase already high pollution levels and put at risk active travel users (pedestrians and cyclists) to save some money and time.

This is not an acceptable trade-off.

We have written to planning officers outlining our objections. You can read our letter of objection <here>.