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One of the issues raised most with us prior to our election in 2017 was the dangers posed at the crossroads by St Mary’s Church and The Plough pub in Whitchurch.

We set this as a key target to improve the safety of residents walking around the village.

During initial discussions with officers, we gained their agreement that the junction needed an upgrade but were told it was not a priority for investment. We disagreed, and as your elected representatives we received even more comments about this.

Gathering more evidence of the need just required time; we collected photos of cars being driven through groups of schoolchildren, older people crossing between cars stopped across the yellow box junctions and cars being driven on the wrong side of the road and on the pavements. This was presented back to officers in the context not of improving the highway infrastructure but improving the environment for pedestrians.

An agreement was made to invest in these improvements and the work was completed earlier this year.

We have had many comments on how the new crossing point not only makes it much safer but also improves the general environment.