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Councillor Mike Phillips is a keen cyclist, rides out with Caerphilly Cycle Club and recently took part in the Velothon Wales bike ride that was based in Cardiff. He also travelled to Berlin in June and took part in the their Velothon too ( you can read about a winning ride at that event here: )

The city puts on great events, most of the time, and it’s the people that can make them even more enjoyable. The cycling events put on by the Velothon enable our city region partners to get involved too.

Overwhelmingly I’ll remember a body hard but great day.

Around the full route people lined the route through the villages and towns, cheering everyone on, kids sticking the palms out for high fives from riders. This includes many who were inconvenienced by road closures who decided to enjoy the day with BBQ’s and picnics on their pavements, front gardens and driveways, ringing bells and banging pans as we cycled by.

The noise in places was incredible; in Caerleon, Usk and especially in Blaenavon, Hafodyrynys, all the way up Caerphilly of course was spectacular, and on into Lisvane and Llanishen and around Roath Park. Thousands lined the finishing straights in the city centre.

And a special mention for the two older ladies at the bottom of Caerphilly mountain that were giving out water to thirsty riders, me included. That summed up the generosity of our communities for me.

The event is great for the city. Around the course I spoke to people from France, Germany, Bournemouth, Lincoln, Essex and more who think we live in a great place (they are right) and want to come back again. I know of others who travelled from Canada another far flung places to visit Cardiff and Wales.

Berlin was a wonderful trip – and I even met a local constituent after the finish – but Cardiff was better. We may be biased, but it’s true.

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