Whitchurch & Tongwynlais

Thank you for electing all four of us to represent you at Cardiff Council.

Over the coming weeks this website will evolve to give you as much information as we can share. This will include what we are involved with in our roles as Councillors, community information and dates/locations for surgeries where you can drop-in and raise any issues you may have.

Please do get in touch, either directly by phone or email, or via our facebook page and twitter address, all of which are on our contact page.

Tim Davies

Mike Jones-Pritchard

Linda Morgan

Mike Phillips

Our six point plan

You are the reason we are standing. We want the best for this, our area, and our city and we will listen to and act on your concerns.

Rydyn ni’n sefyll drosoch chi. Rydyn ni eisiau’r gorau i’n hardal ac i’n dinas a byddwn ni’n gwrando ac yn gweithredu ar eich pryderon chi.

We will work to see that our roads and footpaths are properly maintained, kept litter free and are safe for pedestrians with a sensibly integrated and safe cycle network.

Byddwn ni’n gweithio er mwyn sicrhau bod ein ffyrdd a’n troedffyrdd yn cael eu cynnal a’u cadw’n iawn, heb sbwriel ac yn ddiogel i gerddwyr gyda rhwydwaith seiclo diogel a chyfannol.

We will continue to work with local schools, seeking to ensure that they receive all the support and equipment they need, to provide the best education possible for your children.

Byddwn ni’n parhau i weithio gyda’r ysgolion lleol, i sicrhau bod ganddynt y gefnogaeth a’r offer maen nhw ei angen, er mwyn darparu’r addysg orau bosib i’ch plant.

We will work to see Cardiff’s services reach all residents in Whitchurch and Tongwynlais in need of support and help, and will seek the provision of a local service hub for the ward.

Byddwn ni’n gweithio er mwyn sicrhau bod gwasanaethau Caerdydd yn cyrraedd trigolion yr Eglwys Newydd a Thongwynlais a byddwn ni’n gofyn am hwb gwasanaethau yn y ward.

We will seek to retain a waste recycling centre in north Cardiff, in Wedal Road, or in another location just as close, for easy access and establish methods to prevent and quickly remove flytipping.

Byddwn ni’n gweithio er mwyn cadw canolfan ailgylchu gwastraff yng ngogledd Caerdydd, yn Heol Wedal, neu mewn lleoliad arall sydd yr un mor agos, er mwyn hwyluso mynediad a byddwn ni’n creu ffyrdd o atal a gwaredu tipio anghyfreithlon yn gyflym.

Cardiff is great but can be better. As Councillors we will work to maintain and improve city wide facilities for everyone, people, businesses, residents and visitors, growing our parks and open spaces and seeking ways to improve transport and ease congestion.

Mae Caerdydd yn wych, ond gallai fod yn well. Fel Cynghorwyr, byddwn ni’n gweithio er mwyn cynnal a gwella’r cyfleusterau ledled y ddinas i bawb; pobl, busnesau, trigolion ac ymwelwyr, gan dyfu ein parciau a’n lleoedd gwyrdd agored a cheisio gwella’r drafnidiaeth a lleihau’r tagfeydd traffig.